​Rockets guard James Harden has been doing some fantastic things from a scoring perspective this season. Averaging over 35 points per game and ​scoring 30 or more in 31 straight games, 'the Beard' is just shutting it down on the offensive end this year.

Keep in mind that Harden is the reigning ​NBA MVP with his stellar season last year, and this may be an even better encore performance thus far. If you consider the fact that Chris Paul and Clint Capela have both missed significant time this year with injuries, then Harden should be right in the middle of the MVP conversation again.

He makes a compelling argument. No. 13 has been solely responsible for why Houston is 33-24 and sit at No. 5 in the Western Conference standings. Harden is exhibiting an all around game for the Rockets as well, averaging 6.7 rebounds and 7.7 assists

Harden seems to be very self aware in all of this, which is the true mark of a superstar leader. Understanding what he has to do, and knowing that even if he can sustain it, he shouldn't, shows the level of growth in Harden's basketball IQ.