Le'Veon Bell seems to be enjoying unemployment just fine.

The former All-Pro running back needs something to get his mind off of his current situation. He sat out the entire 2018 season, still might end up with the team which hasn't paid him the money he thinks he deserves thanks to the transition tag, and he's watching  his market shrink day by day.

In order to ease his mind and enjoy his birthday yesterday, Bell decided to play some video games. And possibly smoke a little weed.

In a post on his IG story, Bell accidentally included some pre-rolled cones in the corner of his photo. These cones are frequently (almost exclusively) used to roll joints.

That sound you hear is Roger Goodell sprinting to Bell's home to fine him himself. 

Technically, there isn't anything being done wrong here. It's not illegal to own wrapping papers and there are no drugs in his photo. Still, it's not a great look given Bell's history of drug-related suspensions.

The NFL has some absurd habits when it comes to drug testing players but you can't blame them for this one. If Bell isn't hit with a "random" drug test in the next 24 hours, then we are in an alternate dimension.