​The Los Angeles Rams had arguably the most high-powered offense in the NFL this past season but managed to lose the lowest-scoring Super Bowl of all time to the New England Patriots. Sean McVay was out-coached by Bill Belichick, which isn't much of a surprise, but it's still difficult to deal with a crushing loss on the NFL's biggest stage.

But that's where McVay's girlfriend, ​Veronika Khomyn comes into play. You've seen her before as ​McVay quickly rose to fame, and now she's back on Instagram proving to the world that her man is doing just fine after his 13-3 loss to the Pats.

"Valentine’s Day in paradise🥰☀️" the caption read.

Yup, that picture encapsulates paradise in every way imaginable, so McVay is in good hands at the moment.


After all, he had to make it up to her somehow. She traveled all the way to Atlanta for the Super Bowl, posted an exciting picture getting ready for the game on Instagram, and then had to sit through that atrocity.

Nonetheless, Rams fans should be glad McVay is getting away and clearing his head with the help of Khomyn, because he's going to have to get more creative on offense since NFL teams are going to be studying that tape of the Pats dominating the Rams.