​New Orleans -- scratch that -- the entire state of Louisiana isn't over the Saints' loss to the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC Championship Game. Not only did the NFL and refs rob fans of a Saints victory, it cost everybody an entertaining Super Bowl.

But here we are, nearly a month after the ​controversial finish in New Orleans, and fans are attending WWE Raw to make their feelings known. With the wrestling event being held in Lafayette, LA, tonight, one ​Saints fan made sure their sign was front and center on TV.

Yes, they did. Perhaps the angry mob of Saints fans decided to take their message to another group of people to join their cause. Let's face it, you're on everyone's team at a wrestling event. You're there for the adrenaline rush and wild entertainment.

But at the same time, can't we just appreciate what Raw has to bring us a night after the Elimination Chamber? For crying out loud, Shane McMahon nearly got his head taken off on Sunday night.

And what about this Swanton Bomb!

See what you did, ​NFL. These people can't even go to other events without being consumed by the thought of the Saints losing that NFC title game.