Former President Barack Obama is widely known as a huge basketball fan who religiously fills out March Madness Brackets every year.

With a highly-anticipated matchup on Wednesday between the University of North Carolina Tar Heels and the Duke University ​Blue Devils, several celebrities are rumored to be in attendance...including Obama himself.

Commander in Chief in Durham, eh? Let's go.

​​Obama and ​UNC have a relationship going back several years, so it was no surprise when he was rumored to be attached to this premier matchup. He famously played pick up games with the 2008-2009 UNC team after giving a campaign speech near the campus. That team went on to win the National Championship that season and visit Obama in the White House. 

In addition, Obama has correctly chosen UNC to win March Madness a few times when making his brackets.

​​Although Obama may be the biggest name on the list, the other celebrities attending are still highly influential, which speaks to the magnitude of this game. Rapper Drake, boxer Floyd "Money" Mayweather, rapper 2 Chainz and rapper J Cole are all well-known basketball fans who each attend several games every year. Carolina fans hope Drake rocks Blue Devils swag and continues his remarkable jinx streak.

Stars such as Tar Heels sharpshooter Cameron Johnson and Blue Devils​ legend-in-the-making Zion Williamson are expected to put on a show that will make this game a classic in an all-time rivalry. Who knows if Obama in argyle will make the difference?