​Did Steph Curry know he was mic'd up here talking to Coach Bud? If so, thank you. If NOT, SUPER thank you. Curry took over this All-Star practice this weekend, directly admitting to the Bucks' coach that ​James Harden, the league's reigning king of iso ball, doesn't necessarily want to be doing that anymore. What?!

Nobody in the game is better at taking over on a night-in, night-out basis than Harden, but according to ​Curry's loose lips, the man with the 30-point streak might prefer being in a different, more beautiful rhythm.

As Steph clearly states in the clip, he's surprised​​, too. According to the Chef, Harden responded to compliments by saying, "Yeah, this is fun, but I wanna play different. Like, playing by myself, whatever...heroball."

Anyone else's alarms going off here?

​​Of course, this is a stunner, seeing as most of us assumed Harden was finally happy getting to be the center of attention. 

The extreme offensive shift is also due mainly to the lack of a supporting cast with Chris Paul injured and unable to orchestrate things for much of 2018-19. Generally, Mike D'Antoni's offense is good for both creativity and swagger, allowing stars to thrive in transition and in space.

Clearly, though, we assumed Harden was having the season of his dreams, but maybe he's just been stewing in his juices, jealous of how Golden State balls out. Perhaps he knows that he's one rough shooting performance in a Game 7 away from suffering last year's fate again and shouldering even more blame this time? Food for thought.