It was just a few months ago that Dolphins wide receiver ​Danny Amendola was caught on the beach with not Olivia Culpo.

The former Miss Universe broke things off with Amendola back in November, but the two appeared to reconcile last month, ringing in the new year together with the backdrop of a Miami sunset.​

And now they're vacationing in Mexico together.

The 33-year-old Amendola apparently did something right to keep Culpo around.

The on-and-off couple has been dating since 2016. They broke up last March, before being "better than ever" this past October, only to break up again in November. And now, here we are.

Amendola is coming off of a year in which he led the 7-9 Dolphins in receiving with 59 receptions for 575 yards and one touchdown, which was a decrease in production after leaving Tom Brady and the Patriots in 2017. The 10-year veteran signed a two-year, $12 million deal with the Fins last offseason, but he's living a much better life off the field at the moment.