Boston fans are going to love this. 

​Red Sox manager Alex Cora would like to extend Chris Sale's contract with the team, but maybe not for the reasons you would think.​

Talking to Sox beat writer Chris Cotillo, Cora joked that having Sale around for a few more years would result in more free meals. Priceless!

​Boston has reportedly had talks with the Red Sox ace about an extension behind closed doors  as he enters the final year of his deal, but no agreement has been reached yet. 

Both sides have been on the record saying that they would like to continue on with each other though.

Sale's contract situation is a bit of a tricky one because at nearly 30 with some shoulder issues, it's tough to tell how long his prime will last. It's understandable that Boston would be a bit reticent to hand over huge money on a long-term contract.

Last season on the way to a World Series championship, Sale went 12-4 in 27 starts for Boston with a 2.11 ERA while racking up 237 strikeouts. 

It's doubtful that Sale (or the Red Sox for that matter) want this looming over their heads as the season goes on, but it may be difficult to come to terms before he hits free agency.