​The 2020 NBA-All-Star Game is headed to Chi-Town next year...and this is the best logo they could come up with? 

Chicago is one of the most cultured, historic and vibrant cities in America and this logo shows none of that. 

Chicago is known for its music, architecture, food, and of course having one of the most loyal and iconic sports fanbases in the country. Yet, all they get is blue and red colors and some stars? This does nothing for the city of Chicago or the Bulls Organization. No horns, no nothing. 

​​Where is the artistic flare or city identity in this logo? 

The colors are not even representing the Chicago Bulls? At least this year's logo sported that iconic teal and purple and showcased the Hornets' honey comb design and Queen City crown. It made sense. 

They messed this one up, I'm sorry. If you look back at the logos from prior years, they have been able to incorporate symbols, colors, and designs that show pride for the city in which the game is being played. 

The NBA did Chicago dirty this time around and someone needs to do something about it.