Remember when ​Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey called out a number of quarterbacks in an interview with GQ at the beginning of last season?

Well, Josh Allen does.​

Before the start of the 2018 campaign, Ramsey had this to say about the Bills rookie QB:

“I think [Buffalo Bills draft pick Josh] Allen is trash. I don’t care what nobody say. He’s trash. And it’s gonna show too. That’s a stupid draft pick to me. We play them this year, and I’m excited as hell. I hope he’s their starting quarterback. He played at Wyoming. Every time they played a big school--like, they played Iowa State, which is not a big school in my opinion because I went to Florida State, and he threw five interceptions, and they lost by a couple touchdowns or something like that. He never beat a big school. If you look at his games against big schools, it was always hella interceptions, hella turnovers. It’s like: Yo, if you’re this good, why couldn’t you do better? He fits that mold, he’s a big, tall quarterback. Big arm, supposedly. I don’t see it, personally.”

To Allen's credit, he took the high road after being asked about Ramsey's comments and instead responded by getting the W when his ​Bills took on the Jags in Week 12.

That is, until now.

At an event where Allen was doing some autograph signings over the weekend, a fan handed him a picture from the win over Jacksonville, to which the young signal caller signed his name and added, "Hey Ramsey...Am I still trash?"

According to those on the scene, a fan actually paid for this exact inscription and Allen obliged.

All-Pro level trolling from a young quarterback who had his struggles in 2018. We'll have to see if the All-Pro corner responds with his next autograph signing, because he sure was quiet after the Week 12 loss.