​Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving had ​NBA Twitter buzzing this past All-Star Weekend​. It's long been rumored that either one or both of the stars could land with the New York Knicks this summer, and seeing KD and Kyrie together over the weekend gave Knicks fans everywhere hope that they could eventually link up at the Garden next year.

Durant seems like the surest thing between the two to land in New York. The two-time Finals MVP not only has ties to the Knicks front office (GM Scott Perry drafted KD back in 2007), but also has expanded his business ventures with Rich Kleiman to New York. 

Of course, this is not to mention the Knicks would be able to offer KD something that no other team can in free agency: his own team.

Kyrie obviously has ties to the Knicks, being a Jersey kid and all, but there's more of a question mark surrounding his impending free agency and potential Celtics "engagement," in Danny Ainge's words. Uncle Drew has been linked to both the Knicks and Lakers after initially telling fans at the beginning of the year that he would be staying in Boston. Never forget, though, that Kyrie didn't choose to go to the Celtics. 

Time will tell how this summer ends up playing out, but a pairing of Uncle Drew and KD in New York (and maybe throw in The Brow?) would give the Knicks a great shot of winning their first championship since '73. Certainly, Knicks fans interested in reading the tea leaves would enjoy combing through this entire weekend of footage.