We had a trip down memory lane at last night's All-Star Game. When Dwyane Wade lobbed the ball off the backboard to LeBron James for a thunderous slam, it immediately teleported us all back to their days playing together on the Miami Heat, where the two were known for monster jams. Well, now we can relive it ALL together in video format, which is quite amazing. Who could ever forget the iconic photo of Wade throwing his hands in the air, while LeBron was behind him throwing down a one-handed dunk?

That picture was taken over eight years ago and these guys still have it in them. It's incredible.

We were able to see this incredible duo pull off jaw-dropping plays like this one last time thanks to the addition of Wade and fellow future Hall of Famer Dirk Nowitzki on the All-Star roster. This dunk made up two of LeBron's 19 points, with the King's team taking down Team Giannis, 178-164.

Kevin Durant may have walked away with the MVP, but it was the memory of Wade tossing one more lob up to LeBron that will be one of the lasting memories from last night's All-Star Game.

Everyone may have hated that initial alley-oop during the Heat's reign of terror over the NBA, but you can't do anything but appreciate the sequel.