The New York Knicks are about to enter one of the most important summers in the organization's recent history. With cap space cleared to open up two max slots for potential superstar free agents this summer, NY's biggest priority will be courting NBA stars to come to the Big Apple.


According to Bill Simmons, the Knicks might also be interested in courting wealthy buyers. That's right. According to Simmons, James Dolan might have the Knicks up for sale. 

The Knicks denied these rumors, issuing the following statement from The Madison Square Garden Company: “The story is 100% false. There has been nothing. No discussions. No plans to have discussions - nothing.”

With massive hype surrounding the team's immediate future, you can guarantee there will be a huge market for purchasing professional basketball's most storied organization in the biggest basketball city in the world, even if the Knicks don't want to sell. 

After all, buyers know the future in Madison Square Garden is tantalizing. With aspirations of tanking correctly and winning the draft lottery, the Knicks hope to get their hands on Zion Williamson, arguably the most exciting and hyped-up prospect we have seen since LeBron James.

If you can pair one or two NBA superstars (*cough* Kevin Durant) with Williamson, Knicks fans might have a reason to be excited about basketball for the first time in recent memory.