​Kyrie AND KD to the Knicks?

Alright, we won't go there, but this photo is at least a little suspicious. 

After Kevin Durant won the All-Star Game MVP in Charlotte, most the players had dispersed while KD spoke to NBA commissioner Adam Silver. The only player supporting Durant after his masterful performance which earned him his second career All-Star Game MVP award? ​That would be Irving.

​Yeah, this is making something out of nothing for most players. But Durant is notoriously sensitive and the type to pay attention to these things. With Irving clapping in the background, maybe KD finally felt the support he so desperately craves. Or, you know, he doesn't care in the slightest.

It's very important to note for all Twitter detectives that this is far from the only time the two messed around in tandem over the course of the weekend.

Truly, they were everywhere together, grinning and bearing it.

Nothing is a guarantee (of course), but reading the tea leaves during All-Star Weekend has become an annual tradition. We'll never forget when a young Kyrie Irving and LeBron James polished their lob chemistry in 2014, a few months before Bron shocked the world by heading home to Cleveland. Ah, simpler times.

Perhaps the strongest evidence that this is nothing, though, is exactly which sports personalities fell for the charade.

Please don't make me agree with Skip. Nonetheless, we can hear that buzzing from Manhattan.