​The Carolina Hurricanes are doing something new, fun, and different in the NHL. When they win games, they decide to celebrate with the home crowd in creative ways. Performing a "storm surge" into the boards, or ​recreating Jose Bautista's bat flip home run from Game 5 of the 2015 ALDS is good for the game.

The "antics" angered former hockey executive Brian Burke, but we can now add another person from the old guard onto that list.

"Hockey Night in Canada" host Don Cherry called the team "a bunch of jerks" for showing some emotion and personality after their victories. 

Yes, the man in the colorful and flashy jackets is the one who's criticizing the Hurricanes for doing things against the grain.

So, Carolina decided to have some fun with Cherry, just like they did with Burke. First, they used the Abraham Simpson "Old Man Yells at Cloud" meme to take a shot at the man with the bright sport coats.​​

Oh, you thought the Hurricanes were done? Not so fast.

The team's official Twitter account changed up their bio, and it's internet trolling at it's finest.

If you are a supporter of the Hurricanes in their fight against the old, boring hockey guard, you can now order your own "Bunch of Jerks" t-shirts, available for sale on the team's store site.

What Cherry failed to realize during his soapbox rant is that he's dealing with a younger generation that knows how to get under their skin. If Cherry was angry before, imagine how he was after seeing these tweets.​​