Josh Rosen is one lucky guy.

Earlier this Sunday, Cardinals starting QB Josh Rosen shared a shocking photo of his car on Instagram. The photo was of the side of Rosen's car, which was wrecked after what looks like a serious accident.

Rosen wrote ā€‹"Iā€™m okay... but šŸ˜¢", assuring his fans that he was okay, but obviously and unfortunately he couldn't say the same about his car.

Rosen also displayed his witty sense of humor, posting another photo that made it look like he did all the damage to the car himself, while his caption "Dude, I'm telling you the NFL doesn't test for this stuff", implied he was using something the NFL didn't know about.

Rosen has unfortunately found himself not having the best of off-season's. Not only does he have to worry about fixing his car, but the soon to be sophomore QB has found his name in the midst of trade rumors this offseason. Before Kliff Kingsbury was the head coach of the Cardinals, he was quoted as saying he would draft Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray if he had the chance. Kingsbury now just so happens to have the first overall pick in the draft, and has to decide whether he wants to keep Rosen, or trade him and draft Murray.

Kingsbury has most recently said that Rosen is his guy, which should help Rosen worry a little less, considering he looks like he has his hands full with his car.