​A horrific scene has broken out in the parking lot at M&T Bank Stadium, per Baltimore police. An investigation in underway after a burned body was found in a portable bathroom in the parking lot of the ​Baltimore Ravens home stadium

The death is yet to be ruled a homicide at this time, but Baltimore PD and fire department are looking into the unusual incident which occurred on Sunday in lot H near gate B of the Ravens stadium.

While there are no positives to be taken from such an unfortunate incident, we can be thankful that this did not occur during any popular events set to take place at M&T Bank Stadium, or during the NFL season.

​​A photo of a nearby street sign truly shows the destruction caused by the event.

No further information has been released by authorities yet, but we'll be sure to update you when any becomes available.

For now, our thoughts are with the family of the lone victim involved.