The injury prone infielder is already facing a hindrance to his 2019 season. 

Miguel Sano has gone down with a lower right leg/heel laceration while in the Dominican Republic. It's unclear how he sustained the injury. Hopefully the injury isn't anything dire or season threatening for the young infielder. 

Only time will tell how serious Sano's newest injury will be. 

Sano is coming off of yet another injury-riddled season, suiting up in a career-low 71 games. He has yet to have a fully healthy season as in 2017 he suffered a leg injury that required a rod being put into his leg. 

This news comes just days after he was quoted saying that he's "a new look Miguel Sano." Unfortunately, he's still injury prone even if he doesn't want to admit it. 

At least he's much slimmer than he used to be. Now he just needs to work on his durability. 

The 25-year-old infielder is in just his fifth season in the MLB but has already sustained a career-long amount of injuries.  Let's hope this heel injury isn't too serious for the sake of Sano and his Minnesota Twins.