Michael Jordan

10 Greatest Air Jordan Sneakers of All Time

Michael Jeffrey Jordan turns 56 today, and the only thing that rivals his iconic NBA career are his sneakers. With that being said, here are the 10 greatest Air Jordans of all time.

10. Air Jordan VIII

Easily the most unique sneaker that Mike laced up, up until that point, the Jordan 8 saw MJ score his 20,000th point, lock up a seventh straight scoring title and lead the Bulls to their first three-peat before mysteriously retiring in 1993. This sneaker reached iconic status when Michael rocked the "Aqua" colorway in the '93 All-Star Game.

9. Air Jordan X

After retiring the year prior, the Air Jordan X served as a tribute to Mike, with his career accomplishments up until that point lining the sole of the sneakers. But, it turned out Jordan wasn't done with basketball after all, returning to the Bulls in '95 wearing No. 45.

8. Air Jordan XIV

Tinker Hatfield designed the Air Jordan 14 after the Ferrari 550M that Michael drove. While Jordan retired just before the release of this shoe, he took them for a spin in Game 6 of the NBA Finals while hitting "The Shot" to secure his sixth, and final, NBA championship.

7. Air Jordan XIII

Tinker Hatfield had the panther in mind when drawing up designs for the Air Jordan 13, citing Michael's cat-like reflexes on the hardwood. The sole of the 13 is even modeled after the paw-print of a panther. Mike finished his second championship three-peat in the 13, before retiring from the game for a second time.

6. Air Jordan XII

Drawing inspiration from the Japanese flag's rising sun, the Air Jordan 12 saw Mike win his fifth NBA title and the black/red colorway forever cemented itself in sneaker history with MJ's heroic performance in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. You know the one, the "Flu Game."

5. Air Jordan VI

Another MVP, another scoring title and his first NBA Championship. 1991 was a good year for MJ and for his sneakers. The black/infrared colorway of the Air Jordan 6 is still one of the sleekest designs in the sneaker brand's history.

4. Air Jordan IV

The Air Jordan 4 helped take the Jordan Brand to new heights when it debuted in 1989. Arguably the most stylish Air Jordan off the court, the 4 became a staple of sneaker culture when the iconic "Fire Red" colorway made an appearance in Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing.

3. Air Jordan III

The Air Jordan 3 took things to the next level when it debuted during the 1987-88 season. Legendary sneaker designer Tinker Hatfield created the first mid-cut basketball sneaker and the elephant print wrapped around the toe and heel created a luxurious look that extended far past the hardwood.

2. Air Jordan XI

In 1995 Mike told Tinker Hatfield he wanted a sneaker that incorporated patent leather so that he could have a sneaker that worked on the court, as well as for more formal occasions. Tinker's response? What most consider the greatest model in the Air Jordan line.

1. Air Jordan I

The sneaker that started it all. 

The Air Jordan 1 changed everything upon its arrival back in 1985. The banned (black/red) colorway violated the NBA's uniform policy at the time, resulting in a $5,000 fine every time Jordan laced them up. And the rest, they say, is history.