Philly sports talk radio is in a world of its own when it comes to hot takes, baffling statements, and trying to antagonize their own. 

Philadelphia radio host Howard Eskin, a noted hothead who once falsely claimed that Allen Iverson's lawyer was tampering in regards to a 2002 domestic abuse case and got into a heated exchange with Torrey Smith on Twitter, was at it again, claiming Bryce Harper isn't serious about winning if the free agent outfielder doesn't join Eskin's Phillies

That's right, Howard! If he doesn't join the team who hasn't had a winning season since 2011, he's not serious about winning! 

If Eskin had his way, Harper would take almost no money to join a Philadelphia side that would still be another big piece away from competing and likely wouldn't even be the favorite to win their own division. The Phillies are definitely talented, but this argument just doesn't hold. 

Philadelphia sports radio hosts are notoriously prickly to opposing players but are equally as rough on their own talent. Even if Harper does end up in Philly, this won't be the last barb Eskin and company will direct his way.