The Atlanta Braves are already hyping up their newest addition. 

Josh Donaldson has reported for spring training and has certainly brought the rain for his new team. While the rest of the Baby Braves are getting used to the wear and tear of their young MLB careers, Donaldson comes in as a gritty veteran who seems ready to redeem himself. 

There's no question that even with injury and age, Donaldson can still deliver dingers. 

The former Cleveland Indian and Toronto Blue Jay played in just 52 games last season split between the two teams. The "Bringer of Rain" has unfortunately evolved into a slight drizzle in recent years, but his new start with the Atlanta Braves could be exactly what he needs to reinvigorate his game, especially if they make a few more free agent acquisitions. 

He looks like he's in mid-season form based on these videos. 

After three straight seasons of 30 or more home runs, Donaldson logged just eight in 2018. Last year he posted his lowest BAA, slugging percentage, and OPS since his 2012 season. However, a fully healthy Donaldson can still deliver the rain, just look at the videos if you need any more evidence.