​Sounds like Robinson Cano has some impartialness to the cross-city rivals.  

Cano is starting a new era with the New York Mets, but he still loves the Yankees as the team that raised him into the player he is today. Not exactly the best thing to say so your new fans will like you, but as long as he's somewhat worth that $240 million contract, then who cares which New York team he likes more? 

​​Mets fans will just have to show why they're the superior New York team. 

It's ironic that he states the Yankees taught him how to be a champion yet he was slapped with an 80-game PED suspension last season. Either way, the Mets took a decent risk on Cano and his annual $24 million, especially just a few months removed from the suspension. 

He has a chance to redeem himself in New York, but this time in Queens instead of the Bronx. 

Let's hope that's not due to any illegal substances...

Despite the suspension, Cano still had a fairly efficient 2018 season when he was in. If he can stay out of trouble, he has every opportunity to make his long-awaited Playoff berth with the cross-town rivals of his original team. ​​