The Denver Broncos may have done the Washington Redskins a favor.


According to Broncos insider Troy Renck, the deal between the Ravens and the Broncos came together so quickly because another team was involved in trade discussions, the Redskins.

Losing out on the Flacco trade may be a blessing in disguise for Washington, which just can't seem to help itself from trying to make terrible financial decisions.

Acquiring Flacco would have been an $18.5 million cap hit to go with injured quarterback Alex Smith's even bigger 2019 cap hit, which would cripple the team's finances for next season. Not to mention that since 2013, Flacco is just about the worst starting quarterback in the NFL.

Since winning the Super Bowl in 2012, Flacco has the worst yards per pass attempt (6.5), touchdown to interception ratio (110-80) and passer rating (82.3) of any QB with at least 75 starts since that point.

One would think it's time for the Redskins to just start from the ground up, with Smith possibly never returning to the field, and a QB situation that saw both Mark Sanchez and Josh Johnson line up behind center in 2018.