​As we head into the new season, the Milwaukee Brewers are warming our hearts with an incredible gesture toward a grieving family. 

Milwaukee Police Department officer Matthew Rittner was shot and killed last week. He was answering to a search warrant when he was killed. He was 35 at the time of his passing. 

The Brewers, who knew he was a die-hard fan, have decided to honor him by naming him the team's '10th man', which is truly awesome. 

The '10th man' title isn't all, though. 

The Brewers also have a locker saved for Rittner in the clubhouse down at Spring Training. ​​This is something the players and Rittner's family can appreciate, no doubt. 

Obviously, you hate to hear the news of a police officer getting killed in the line of duty. 

You have to feel for his family. Hopefully, this latest act of kindness from the Brewers can help bring a smile to their faces during this difficult time.