​They say the sequel is never as good as the original. In the case of "Space Jam," which starred none other than Michael Jordan in the 1996 film, it seems the long awaited part two will be on its way sooner rather than later. It'll start filming this summer, as we learned on Saturday after LeBron James spoke about it.

The kids in Charlotte are going wild!! The adults are too, probably.

The Looney Toons being in it makes it instantly accessible to so many more family audiences who otherwise wouldn't care to watch an ​NBA or basketball movie. Throw in LeBron James, arguably the most popular athlete on the planet, and there you have it.

LeBron will once again be chasing the ghost of Michael Jordan. We remember that Mike, Bugs Bunny and the crew went home with the win over the Monstars in the only way they could: with His Airness rocking the rim with a dunk from the heavens.

​Will LeBron be able to outperform Michael at the box office in a way that he has yet to do on the court? Time will tell.

Just know that when the film does get releases, get ready to Jam.