​Tim Tebow's transition from football to baseball has been anything but smooth in the eyes of the spectators. His time in the ​New York Mets organization has been scrutinized by sports analysts around the nation. Many have questioned if he has what it takes to play in the MLB. Despite all that, Tebow has been a solid minor-league player, but it appears he's still struggling to get a grasp on the lingo.

"I didn't play one snap of outfield," said Tebow. He caught himself immediately after he said it, but it was a hilarious slip of the tongue for the two-sport athlete.

You can't blame him for having football on the brain. Spring Training hasn't kicked into high gear quite yet, and with the newly-founded AAF making headlines left and right, it's easy to understand how the former NFL quarterback simply made a mistake.

Tebow remains firmly ​committed to baseball despite the harsh criticism he has received. He even turned down an offer from the AAF to continue his dream of making an MLB roster.

He's shown steady progress during his rise through the Mets' farm system. In 84 games for AA Binghamton last year, Tebow produced a pretty solid .273/.336/.399 slash line.

There's no denying that he still has a long way to go if he wants to play at the Major League level, but the commitment is there. If he nails down the jargon, it might not be long before he's "taking snaps" at Citi Field.