​​Steph Curry is arguably the best three-point shooter in the NBA. Some people might attribute that to a rigorous work ethic and a dedication to his craft, but we shouldn't eliminate the possibility that sharpshooting might just be in his family's DNA.

​​Sonya Curry, Steph's mother, drilled an absurd underhand half-court shot with her son standing right beneath the basket. In the video, she makes it on just her second attempt.

And if you needed any more evidence that it might just be an inherited trait, Steph's brother, ​Seth, has the third-best three-point percentage in basketball this season.

Curry and the Golden State Warriors are in the midst of a bid for their third consecutive championship title. They currently sit at the top of the Western Conference with a 41-16 record. 

To the surprise of practically nobody, they've done it on the back of some of the best shooting in the league. Their 49.1 percent field goal percentage ranks first overall, and they're third from downtown at 38.4 percent.

Should the Warriors win the title yet again with the aid of Steph Curry's strong shooting, they might want to consider thanking Sonya Curry for passing along the sharpshooter gene.