During an All-Star media session on Saturday, Golden State Warriors star Kevin​ Durant was asked, yet again, for his opinion on the New York Knicks dealing of power forward Kristaps Porzingis to the Dallas Mavericks. As he has done countless times this year, Durant stated that his focus on basketball at the moment and is not thinking about anything else. 

​​​Durant and the Knicks have been tied together for quite a while now, and recently the talk has become rampant to the displeasure of Durant. These rumors, however, are not coming out of the blue, as his company plans to move into a new office in New York soon, according to recent buzz. In addition, Durant's manager and business partner, Rich Kleiman, also lives in New York, which strengthened these rumors. 

Mix that with the Knicks dealing ​Porzingis in a blockbuster trade that freed up two max slots for this upcoming free agency frenzy, and you have a lot of people searching for answers. 

Still, ​Durant is insistent that his mind is on basketball and the Warriors. Nonetheless, he should expect the questions to continue until he makes his final decision during free agency.