​​Colin Kaepernick may have ended his legal battle against the ​NFL in a somewhat disappointing fashion, but the settlement he's taking home could be astronomically high.

Though the exact number can't legally be revealed due to a confidentiality agreement, Bleacher Report's Mike Freeman attests that several contacts within the NFL are ball-parking the exact number Kaepernick received in the $60 million-$80 million range.

According to reports, the Kaepernick case pushed the notion that he and his legal team were prepared to continue this lawsuit for as long as possible unless a massive settlement was reached, and $80 million certainly qualifies as massive. 

The obscene amounts of money being thrown around in this case actually present an opportunity for Kaepernick and his ca​​mp to spin this in a positive way. Resolving matters out of court for an eight-figure settlement isn't the behavior of someone who has committed absolutely no wrongdoing. 

​​Kaepernick's legal battle against the NFL might be over, but expect his name to continue to resonate around the sports world.