​​Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid have long been entangled in an ongoing lawsuit against the ​NFL, claiming that owners have been colluding amongst themselves to prevent the pair of them from signing. 

But now it's all over.

Mark Geragos, the lawyer for both ​Kaepernick and Reid, now employed by the Carolina Panthers, stunningly released a statement that attests Kaepernick, Reid, and the NFL have settled out of court. 

​​The exact terms of this agreement were subject to a confidentiality agreement, meaning the specifics of the resolution may never come to light. It had previously be reported that Kaepernick would only withdraw his case if a significant financial settlement was reached. 

​​So after all of that noise and hullabaloo surrounding Kaepernick's decision to take the NFL to task over his unemployment, we're left no closer to seeing Kaepernick back on the field than we were at the beginning of the case. 

Kap and Reid got their money and fans won't know anything due to the confidentiality agreement.