Kyrie Irving will be the honorary coach of the U.S. team in the Rising Stars Game at NBA All-Star Weekend. He will be coaching his teammate, Celtics guard Jayson Tatum

Tatum showed love for Kyrie, saying he would've chosen him first for his All-Star roster because he believes that Kyrie is the best player in the All-Star game this year. 

Sucking up much, good sir? 

Translation: I love you Kyrie, please don't leave me. ​​

There has been much speculation surrounding the possibility of Kyrie leaving the Celtics this summer in his unrestricted free agency, despite telling fans last summer that he was planning on re-signing. 

However, Irving made headlines amidst all the NBA trade deadline drama that transpired earlier this month saying, "I don't owe anybody sh--" in regards to his obligation to remain in Boston. Irving will be one of the hottest commodities in the market this offseason, and his future team still remains up in the air. 

It is apparent Tatum shares a close bond with Kyrie, and probably idolizes him. 

Both players are former Duke Blue Devils and have great chemistry on the floor. Whether Tatum's sweet talking will work as a tactic to keep Kyrie in Boston or not, we will soon find out.