​​Russell Westbrook, according to SportsCenter, just became the Oklahoma City Thunder's and Seattle SuperSonics' all-time leader in points. 

Wait, the Seattle SuperSonics? The team that Russ has played zero, yes zero, games for in his 11-year NBA career? 

Don't worry, Seattle aficionados, the ​Mariners twitter account has your back and quite literally put SportsCenter in a bodybag with the most simple of replies. Check it out: 

The only response necessary! What's even more disrespectful is that they depict Brodie coming out of Gary Payton's shadow. 

Payton played 13 seasons for the Sonics! How could ESPN be so unaware of such a simple concept? Honestly, this tone deaf tweet is offensive to heartbroken Seattle fans who are still without an NBA franchise. 

The Sonics were the Sonics. The Thunder are the Thunder - an entirely different franchise. Even an OKC fan account understands the logic: 

The confusion comes due to the fact that Westbrook was drafted in 2008, the same year that Seattle moved to Oklahoma City but still. OKC might claim all the old Seattle history, but don't get me started, especially when it comes to how terrible it was for the team to leave Seattle.

If a player never plays a game for a specific franchise, said player cannot become the all-time leader in any statistical category concerning that franchise. Period. 

Shoutout to the Mariners for exposing this nonsensical tweet.