When it comes to making headlines in the football world, Colin Kaepernick seems to have a knack for it. 

The former 49ers quarterback, who recently transitioned to focusing on activism full time, has not played professional football in recent years and is currently levying a collusion case against the NFL, leaving his role within the football world up in the air.

However, America's new football league, the Alliance of American Football, reportedly sought out adding Kaepernick to a roster, which would bring him back into the fray of American football. However, Kaepernick's request of $20 million or more to take the field is absolutely ridiculous and does not present a good image for the quarterback. 

As someone that is currently fighting for their collusion case against the NFL for not finding work in the league, it doesn't make sense that Kaepernick would request such a high salary to play in the AAF. They're offering him the opportunity that he hasn't found in the NFL, and by turning it down, it reflects poorly on both his character and his own collusion case.

Furthermore, the AAF doesn't have the establishment in the American consciousness to allow the league to pay Kaepernick this type of money, making the quarterback come across selfish, the exact opposite of what his activist image projects about him

This information is sure to hurt Kaepernick's reputation, and it will be up to him to make the repairs necessary. 

Kaepernick's reputation with some football fans has already been damaged by the collusion case, and this is not going to help him gain favor with them at all.