There are still people on this planet who don't think Tom Brady is the best quarterback who ever played the game. Seriously?

Everyone except  Bill Belichick and Patriot haters everywhere know Brady is the best to ever do it. The six Super Bowls, which is the most of all time, pretty much end any sort of debate. For those who do feel like fighting a losing battle, just look at how dominant he's been at home.

Brady has only lost 10 games at home since 2010 and has never lost more than three games at home in a season in the last decade. 

Look at Kevin Kolb and Mark Sanchez getting on this list! They come out of nowhere, but the list as a whole still proves a crucial point about Brady's utter dominance over his opponents throughout the years.

There's a reason why Brady is allowed to be cocky. He has done everything imaginable and has stat after stat to prove it. Again, just look at his Super Bowls. You can't argue with performance in the biggest game imaginable. 

Patriots fans might not want to think about this, but it's going to be hard to get over the loss of a player like this when he does decide to give it up—even though he keeps saying that's years away.

Until then, everyone better get used to calling him the GOAT.