Sports fans all know that once they tune into ESPN's "First Take," they're usually in store for some ridiculous, over the top opinions. Thursday's edition was no different. Yet, it wasn't from Stephen A. Smith or ​Max Kellerman. No, it was from former Chicago Bull ​Scottie Pippen. The six-time NBA Champion expressed his belief that LeBron James is not the player that Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant was.

Can we just stop with the comparisons between James and Jordan? They are two different players from two different generations who play the game in contrasting manners.

While many don't dare to put LeBron in the same breath as Jordan or Bryant, you can't deny what he's done during his career. He's made the NBA Finals eight years in a row, and has proven to be the entire Eastern Conference's kryptonite.

Also, let's leave this nugget of Pippen praising LeBron last year, where he even put him ahead of Jordan, based off statistics.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion in regards to the best players in NBA history, and you're surely allowed to express it. However, these LeBron-Mike-Kobe comparisons need to end, and quickly.