​On Wednesday, ​Cleveland Indians starter Trevor Bauer ​won his arbitration case and will earn $13 million for the 2019 season. That's a nice pay raise for the 29-year-old pitcher, but there were reports earlier this afternoon that Bauer accused the Indians of "character assassination" during the arbitration hearing.

​​After meeting with the Cleveland Indians brass, Bauer spoke to reporters and kept stressing that he's "not bitter" and holds "no ill will towards anyone" over the arbitration process. Additionally, he informed the Indians front office that he's not upset with them over what happened.

​​Bauer even took to Twitter and called out Bob Nightengale of USA Today about the story he was going to write about him, regarding his original comments about the supposed "character assassination" that took place late in the process.

​​We get it, Bauer. You're doing fine after the arbitration hearing and aren't bitter about anything, even though it's been reported that you weren't thrilled with the process. The more you tell us you're feeling "not bitter," the more bitter you seem.