The amount of ​Bryce Harper and Manny Machado rumors floating in the ether have been exhausting, and it's pretty ridiculous that the top two free agents remain unsigned even though players are reporting Spring Training this week.

You would hope that a few adjusted mega-deals would get done this week, but we might be waiting a while longer. According to Chris Shearn of the YES Network, people close to the situation don't believe it'll be resolved until mid-March.

Really? Do Harper and Machado's agents really think something is going to change that'll up the ante and get them what they want?

This is terrible for the game, and it's dragging this nonsensical saga on way too long.

​You can agree or disagree with what teams are doing, but the philosophy is not changing. They don't want to give any player, even ones like Harper and Machado, mega 10-year deals for upwards of $300 million.

That may be a crazy stance from clubs that have plenty of money, but you can understand where they are coming from. I also don't blame players for asking for huge money, but there comes a point where they need to come to terms that they probably won't get what they originally asked. What's wrong with short-term deals and waiting for CBA changes?

It's the way it is right now (right or wrong). So why wait potentially another month to sign?