​So apparently catfishing exists outside the world of MTV and online dating as two of the most respected recruiting organizations are rightfully taking MAJOR Ls on Thursday...to a group of high schoolers. 

Students created a social media account for a made up high school football player named Blake Carringer, a 6-5, 315-pound offensive lineman from Grace Christian HS in Knoxville, Tennessee.

247Sports and Rivals went on to allegedly ranked him in their database as a 3-star prospect and Twitter was not shy in calling them out: 

Apparently the students ventured to the depths of fake-profiling, claiming that Carringer had offers coming from Georgia and Alabama and that he was ranked by the Knoxville News Sentinel as one of 2020's top prospects in the state of Tennessee. 

Unfortunately, Carringer's Twitter account has been deleted but we did some digging. Here's the gist of what it looked like:

We're not sure we've ever witnessed a more pure form of exposure and the credibility of these two renown sites has surely take a significant hit. 

Behold, the sheer power of the internet.