​Love is in the air, whether it's 100 miles per hour cutting through the air in a car with no headlights or going 70 yards through air with a perfect spiral.

Now that the ​NFL season is over for Packers quarterback ​Aaron Rodgers, and Danica Patrick has retired from NASCAR, the two can kick back and watch winter freeze over so spring can sprout.

Patrick captioned the Valentine's Day post: "I love doing life with you! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!! 💘"

Even though the Packers missed the playoffs, A-Rod still has plenty to smile about on this joyous occasion. He can avoid being crunched by defensive linemen for a few months, he has a beautiful woman like Danica Patrick to spend time with, and when he gets back to the Packers, ​Mike McCarthy is gone. No. 12 has got to be in love with those results.

Equally giddy in this photo is Patrick, who since retiring from NASCAR last year no longer has to spin around chasing after these other drivers all day, and instead can set focus on her love life now that he's happy with Rodgers.

Packers fans, be happy that Rodgers is enjoying his offseason with Danica. That'll make him come into the 2019 season with much better vibes.