Shield your eyes, Roger Goodell haters, because one of his potential replacements has no intention of becoming the NFL's new commissioner. 

According to ESPN's Ramona Shelburne, several NFL owners have tried to persuade NBA Commissioner ​Adam Silver to change sides over the course of his five-year tenure, but he hasn't even thought about a potential switch. 

In fact, Silver is 100 percent committed to the NBA:

"I've loved every day I've been in this job, and I think there's nothing but enormous opportunity ahead for this league," he said. "...I realize I'm just passing through like every player who's gone through this league...and I feel an enormous obligation to the fans and to this greater NBA family to do my best and try my hardest every day. But that's where 100 percent of my focus is," he continued. 

People have been calling for Goodell's job for years, but that didn't stop the 59-year-old from signing a five-year extension worth up to $200 million in 2017. 

Given the ​bitterness that Goodell has endured in just in the past few months regarding the ​abysmal officiating in the playoffs, why would Silver ever entertain the thought of taking his job? 

We're not surprised here.