Remember when the Oregon Ducks were considering possibly promoting their offensive coordinator or their defensive coordinator to head coach? Well, only one of them has even lasted to the 2019 season.

Jim Leavitt, the incumbent defensive boss in Oregon, never got his chance to become the head coach of the Ducks. In fact, the school has reportedly decided to move on from him altogether. 

After two years, Oregon has seen enough.

Leavitt initially joined the Ducks prior to the 2017 season. In those two years, the team went 16-10, went to no major bowl games, and allowed 29.7 and 26.3 points per game on the trot. That's not too impressive for someone who badly wanted to become a head coach.

Leavitt had a chance to leave Oregon behind when Willie Taggert tried to convince him to abandon ship and join him in Florida State, but he declined in hopes to land a head coaching gig thanks to a strong run on Mario Cristobal's staff. Even with interest in top jobs at Colorado, Texas Tech, and Kansas State, he never got his wish. 

The reason why Leavitt is out isn't entirely known, but the Ducks surely hope that they can do better going forward.