Usually, arbitration hearings can be a little awkward between MLB players and their organizations. Arguing your case as to why you should get a raise while your bosses lay out why they don't want to pay you quite that much can be quite the uncomfortable proceeding.

But not for Michael Fulmer. In fact, the young right-hander was so comfortable with the process that he actually carpooled with Detroit Tigers officials to his hearing.

This may sound strange that they did such a thing, but in the defense of both sides, they may not be all that familiar with how the whole process works. For Fulmer, this is his first year of arbitration eligibility, while the Tigers haven't been called to a hearing since 2002. 

Heading into the proceedings, the two sides are only $600,000 apart, as Fulmer is looking for a $3.4 million deal while Detroit only wants to pay $2.8 million for his services. While the 25-year-old has been a reliable option and the best pitcher on the team's staff, his injury history is probably what is causing the disparity. 

Fulmer won American League Rookie of the Year honors in 2016, and followed up that performance with an All-Star season in 2017 where he posted a 3.83 ERA and an AL-low 0.7 home runs per nine innings. 

Detroit is hoping that their youthful ace can recover from surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his throwing arm to help the team endure what is likely to be another rebuilding season.

The results of the arbitration hearing are expected by either Thursday or Friday.