Any petty or butt-hurt Knicks fans still out there? Well, proceed with caution here, because we're not sure if this story will put salt in the wounds or help speed up the recovery from the ​ugly break up involving Kristaps Porzingis.

The Knicks appear to be moving on rather quickly from their formerly beloved Unicorn, however, as it has been confirmed that the franchise will no longer be celebrating Latvian Heritage Night on Feb. 24 at Madison Square Garden.

​​The Knicks play the Spurs on the date in question, and only San Antonio's Davis Bertans would have been celebrated at this point, so cancelling the occasion was probably best for all parties involved. 

But really, how are we feeling, New York? This is most likely the last step the city has taken to permanently remove themselves from anything and everything concerning KP. 

​He's gone, and that's all there is to it.   

The Knicks claim to be handling Porzingis-related matters professionally, and while that is up for debate, we are absolutely here for these little digs and slights thrown his way.