Once faithful to the Cowboys, always faithful to the Cowboys.

Despite the fact that he's moved on from the sidelines and now works in the broadcast booth, Jason Witten will always be linked to football in Dallas, and reasonably will also be asked about them whenever someone gets a chance. That's what happens when you play 15 years for one franchise. 

And Witten may not mind talking about his former team right now due to the bright future be believes is laid out in front of them.

He's not alone in envisioning an offensive leap in 2019 -- with all the self-assurance in the world, Amari Cooper would rather play against Tom Brady than with him -- but Witten is more excited about the potential on the sidelines.

Jason Garrett remains the head coach, but Witten believes the promotions of Jon Kitna and Kellen Moore are what's going to change this team. The former tight end says that Moore, who is now the team's offensive coordinator, has a special kind of confidence about him. Witten is certain that Moore will keep the old scheme will adding innovation that enhances Dak Prescott's style of play, and Kitna will play a key role their as the new quarterbacks coach.

Of course, the  return of a former All-Pro tight end probably wouldn't hurt either. But there's no need to hold one's breath there-- at least for now.

Even without him in the offense, Witten thinks Moore and Kitna can help Prescott get better and put the Cowboys on the path to sustained success.