The Kansas Jayhawks are in a lot of trouble, and it has nothing to do with their recent play within the Big 12. 

One talented player the Jayhawks have had to push forward without is Silvio De Sousa, who was ruled ineligible by the NCAA, but his absence is about to escalate into a much, much larger issue. 

Per sources, Kansas believes an investigation is coming due to De Sousa's reinstatement process.

The last thing Bill Self and company want to hear is the words "NCAA investigation." But it appears one is incoming, and there's likely nothing the school can do to avoid it.

The issue worrying the Jayhawks has to do with the disgraced Adidas employee T.J Gassnola being named a "booster" for Kansas. Gassnola, who has testified under oath to paying the families of college stars, was moved to a "hypothetical" for the reinstatement case for De Sousa to continue. 

By considering him a hypothetical, the school fears it could open the door for a formal investigation as the foundation for an infractions case. 

​​This is just the beginning, but if Kansas is already worried about the potential impact, you better believe the NCAA has a slam dunk of a case here. 

We'll see if the Jayhawks can remain focused as March Madness approaches with an investigation into a potential scandal looking over the team.