​​White Sox fans are starting to get a little bit desperate, trying to connect dots that don't exist as they hope and pray that free agent slugger Manny Machado decides to suit up with the South Siders.

One Machado to Chicago conspiracy theory claims that the ​White Sox have an ​empty locker next to Yonder Alonso, Machado's brother in law, and Jon Jay, a close friend of ​Machado, that is reserved for the superstar free agent. Astros pitcher Collin McHugh immediately squashed those rumors on Twitter, claiming that empty lockers between veteran players is standard practice in MLB locker rooms. 

Few would have thought McHugh would have been a player in the Machado free agency saga, but here we are. 

The White Sox are by no means out of the ​Machado race. In fact, depending on which sportsbook you look at, they are actually the favorites to land him, beating out the Yankees and Phillies. 

White Sox fans just need to settle down and let Machado come to his decision instead of playing Sherlock Holmes and looking for clues as to where he's going to go. 

Is it a shame that neither Harper nor Machado has signed yet? Yes. Will they eventually sign? Yes. Does trying to decipher where they're headed based off of complete coincidences like an empty locker help anyone? No.