With Valentine's Day rapidly approaching, UMBC is spreading the love to their forever partner in crime.

The University of Maryland - Baltimore County's Athletics Department tweeted out a hilarious festive Valentine's Day card aimed at poking fun at Virginia, still milking the number one moment in their school's history.

The card, of course, recalls the game between the Retrievers and the Virginia Cavaliers during 2018's NCAA Tournament. If you've somehow forgotten, UMBC came into the tournament as No. 16 seed and had to play the No. 1 seed Virginia in the first round.  

It went well for one of the two teams.

​UMBC torched Virginia in a shocking 74-54 win to eliminate a tourney favorite.

As if Virginia hasn't been on the receiving end of enough jokes about the game, right? 

Just when you think the game will fade into history, UMBC reminds the college basketball world of their greatest moment. The Retrievers are some good boys for their hysterical reminder of one of the biggest upsets in NCAA basketball history.