There's nothing this kid can't do. Soar to unbelievable heights to block a shot in the corner, dribble coast to coast as if he's the starting point guard, rattle the rim with monstrous dunks, and now physically denting the ball with just the touch of his fingers. 

6-7, 284 pound 18-year-old freshman phenom Zion Williamson has done nothing but shock the world with his freak athletic ability. Tuesday night in a ACC matchup between the Duke Blue Devils and Louisville Cardinals, Williamson once again displayed his superhuman strength. 

​​In the shocking 23-point comeback by the Blue Devils last night, Zion racked in 27 points, 12 rebounds, and three steals, all in 32 minutes. Zion has the capability to execute all facets of the game correctly on both ends of the floor. 

Williamson is a dominant rebounder, protects the rim in the paint, and then poses a mismatch on the offensive boards. Only a few players in both college and the NBA can contain him off the bounce.

It should no longer come as a surprise when Zion continues to display mutant-like feats such as this one. His size has been compared to that of Charles Barkley, aka the "round mound of rebound", but way more athletic. If he were to enter the NBA today, he would be the second heaviest player in the league. 

If one thing is for sure, Zion is not your typical college basketball player, and it will be very interesting to see what the future has in store for him.