Ladies and gentlemen, Jayson Tatum is back. The Celtics forward has not looked quite right this season, but with this spin move and poster on the 76ers in Philadelphia, it looks like Boston's young star may finally have gotten his mojo back. 

Both Tatum and the Celtics have not played up to the expectations many had for them before the season began. With Gordon Hayward returning from injury to link up with Tatum and Kyrie Irving on the court, many thought that last year's No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference would dominate the competition. 

However, the Celtics currently sit at fifth in the conference, the Raptors and Bucks dominating instead as Boston was supposed to do. However, if Brad Stevens can get Tatum playing at the level that he is capable of performing at, we could see a late return to form for the Celtics, just in time for the approaching playoffs. 

With time running out for Boston, the Celtics need to answer their problems as quickly as possible before the playoffs start if they hope to advance to the NBA Finals, after falling short last year.

If Tatum can return to form and the rest of the team follows suit, then this possibility has a real chance at becoming a reality, and this latest play from Tatum is a good sign for Celtics fans everywhere. Especially nice to see him yam on Ben Simmons and spin around Joel Embiid. Got 'em both on one play.