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4 Ways NBA Can Save All-Star Weekend Events

The NBA certainly took a massive step in the right direction by deciding to air the NBA All-Star Game Draft. However, the All-Star Weekend as a whole is still filled with obvious headaches that need immediate fixing. 

With that in mind, let's dive into a few potential ways that the Association can save its highly-anticipated All-Star break from the ratings doldrums.

4. Remove the Celebrity Game

This has to be the most clear-cut quick fix, right? The All-Star Celebrity Game just isn't what it used to be...not that it was any great shakes before anyway. Sure, Kevin Hart and Terrell Owens were entertaining but the quality (or lack thereof) of basketball should NOT be aired on television. Did we see the brutal rosters for this year's game? Do everybody a favor and get rid of it.  

3. Reconstruct the Dunk Contest

The storyline of the 2018 competition was Derrick Jones Jr, who hadn't had a full game of NBA experience prior to the contest. It added an underdog factor and a genuine plot. The Association should include a YouTube sensation or at least a G Leaguer to its annual competition. It would ignite a full effort from all participants. Let's face it - we're never gonna see the game's biggest stars compete. 

2. Require Defense in the All-Star Game

Look, we don't want to see an All-Star get injured in a meaningless game, but for 40 minutes, the game is unwatchable. There's more defense played at pick-up games between middle-aged men at The Y. The NBA must instill a rule that requires All-Stars to give some form of effort on defense for all 48 minutes--perhaps a bonus to every player on the team if they hold their opponent to under 120? Just imagine the greatness we would witness. The fans deserve it. 

1. Bring Back The Legends Classic

Don't try and tell us that there aren't enough former players to recruit for a Legends Classic. Think about how much people would pay to see Kobe Bryant and Shaq Diesel on the floor again. What about Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett? It would simply embrace the league's former greats on a weekend devoted to celebrating today's greats. Name a better time.